light at the end of the tunnel……..!!

it’s been a while since i posted!

so what’s been happenning? well i was made bankrupt in june! the process wasnt as scary as i thought……took my paperwork to court, 15 mins with the clerk, paid my £700, waited 45 mins for the judge and was then in for about 35 seconds!!!! signed off!!! result!! 2 weeks later i had a 45 min phone call with the OR, nice chap, put me at ease, asked me loads of questions – he just wanted to know how the debt had accrued etc. he told me i would have an IPA, which i expected but the figure he gave me was 3/4 less than what i was paying into the IVA!!!!! so i was quite happy with that – just waiting for some forms to come through to sign and return.
although it’s 2.30am when i am typing this i have been able to sleep a lot better recently!!
i have a new job which i really enjoy doing so am very happy at the moment!
i could not have achieved the debt solution without the help of the forum and expecially Viki at VB – she has been a star!!
i know that BR is not for everyone and i would advise that people do their research but for me, it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be………..
i am less stressed, my health is ok becuase i am not stressed and i am smiling a lot more!!! lol

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nobody is perfect…

i have just read the blog i have uploaded and realised i hadnt kept uptodate from the last one!

i got the job i was interviewed for and also the creditors meeting has pointed me down the BR route……..

i should learn to read before i post!! lol
ttfn paj x

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flippin eck!!

well there i was looking through the forum as you do first thing of a morning when you are unable to sleep and you are reading all the posts just to see what’s going on with everyone and then your username pops up in a post!! i had to read it 3 times before i realised it was me that had won blog of the week!!!
i was so stunned that i had to open up another screen just to check it was me again before i posted my reply and thanx!! lol

it’s been good this week that it has only been a 3 day week but it has been very busy becuase i have been trying to make sure i am upto date before i leave my current post – i think my start date for my new role is around 23rd may so i will have to work a few long days just to make sure whoever takes over fromme has a head start! lol

interesting weekend ahead, i have an interview on sunday with the company that is assisting me with going BR so i have to make sure i have all my paperwork to hand so they have all the info to complete the SOA but i think i have so really not much to worry about!

not much else happening in my world at the moment except planning my mum’s 70th birthday – my brother lives abroad so am trying to arrange he comes over as a surprise for her as she hasnt seen him for a couple of years (he does ring her every week though!).

sorry this one isnt much about debt – just wanted to share my happiness about winning the vouchers, oh and i have a small hangover due to me treating myself to a bottle of red from aldi last night (£2.99) lol

will update you all again………paj

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am stressed!!! not only do i have a job interview tomorrow, i have a creditors meeting on Wednesday to look forward too! i have not been sleeping well, as you can imagine! i want this wek to be over and it’s not even begun! lol
i will find out on Wed if i have been sucessful in the interview and also if i am going BR. everything else is ok except the stress has made my joints flare up so it’s even dificult to tie shoe laces etc! anyway i am trying not to let it get to me too much – i only have to read a few posts on the forum to make me feel better……….
it’s such a wonderful place to read people’s stories and not only that, the blogs are good to read too!
i hope i havent bored you stupi with my blogs!! lol
ttfn pajx

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the week that was…

The week that was………………….

Hi all, well, we have now completed our first week as an Association! no-one can tell any differences except for new letter headed paper! Lol

I attended two meetings with our new Chief Exec and told him that his management team are not filling him in on what they are doing and that it is causing low moral amongst the staff. He has promised to look into it as a matter of urgency and feedback to us. (I fully expected to receive an invite to the senior manager’s office to be told off for voicing my opinion!!) In the meantime there are more customers that are finding out about the changes in the services to them, which they are not happy about (they need to be happy at the service they receive, as they pay our wages!!)

On the debt front I am waiting in anticipation for the 20th of the month when the decision by creditors will be made as to which road I will travel on – will it end or will I apply for BR????
The excitement has now left me since my last post as I am worried about what is going to happen – in fact my arthritis has flared up again and am having trouble with some of my joints again!

The forum has made my life a lot clearer and I have gained lots of advice that I have taken on board. Budgeting, spreadsheets, taking cash out for the week etc! it’s just good to know that there are friends out there in cyberspace…….paj

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it’s a wierd one…………….

I thought I would update you on what’s happening in my world!

I still haven’t heard about our pay and grading review yet, which is a bit disappointing but then again our management are known for dragging their feet! Lol we become a Housing Association tomorrow and hopefully things will get better for all our customers although I can see it will be a long winding road……no further information on the proposed new teams either!

On the IVA / BR front…………………..

Well now here is a strange one. I have previously blogged about failing my IVA as I cant afford the monthly payments. I fully expected to be sent a failure certificate after 3 months missed payments, but alas, not! I contacted my IP 2 weeks ago and they stated that a creditors meeting will be held on 20th April and they will decide what to do with my case. Fair enough I thought, I would have to wait until then – in the meantime I have 4 IVA payments sitting in my bank account, I have never had so much money!!!! It’s very tempting but I know I cant touch it, so I have decided to transfer it to my mum’s account (who knows all about my situation) and who will make sure I don’t touch it – well she is a mum after all!!! Sorry, I am digressing somewhat………………..getting back to my point, I just have to wait until the 20th April until I find out what’s gonna happen. But just to boggle my mind a bit more, I received a copy of the proposal that will be put forward to creditors and the four options for them to vote on are as follows (I have informed my IP of my ill health due to the stress etc – I have Rheumatoid Arthritis that flares up due to stress, even typing this blog is quite painful!)

1. creditors accept payments to date as full and final settlement of the arrangement
2. the arrangement be terminated immediately and creditors are free to pursue the debtor for outstanding liabilities
3. the supervisor be allowed to draw the remaining funds on the account as fees
4. the arrangement be terminated with immediate effect and the supervisor should petition for the debtors bankruptcy

now I had to read these four proposals 4 or 5 times until it actually sank in that I sincerely hope they vote for number1………………………

in my wildest dreams, I never thought that it would be proposed that I conclude the IVA early!!!! Am still in a state of shock and am also under no illusions that it will be accepted!!

Anyway, that’s me for now, I will keep my head down and see what happens and let you all know…………………….paj43

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couldn’t sleep…..

i have been up since 3am! couldnt sleep cos am thinking about my BR, still havent received my certificate of failure yet! will have to chase them again today. anyway, i have used my time wisely, i am just catching up on a lot of the blogs and can i just say that you are all such an inspiration to people like me???? it’s such a pleasure to read everyone’s different but very similar stories! knowing that there are other people going through the same as me and can be supported through the process is such a comfort! a lot of the blogs / posts suggest people write a blog because it gets all your own fustrations and anguish out there and people will read it and offer the support and advice! all i can say is that everything about and the sister BR site is an absolute godsend!

have a good day everyone!

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a little bit about me..

I am 43 and have worked in the Social Housing sector for the last 23 years. In April this year, we become a Housing Association so have escaped the Public Sector cuts. Although this is a relief for me, the whole of the organisation has undergone a Pay and Grading review and the score for my job role has come out very low, compared to similar job roles that are currently on the same grade as mine. So I and 30 other colleagues have had to appeal the decision. This has taken in a large amount of work, putting evidence together and submitting it and we are awaiting the outcome in the coming weeks. We have been informed that any pay cut / rise will come into effect in September this year so if our score is still low, I will be in for a significant reduction which will have an impact on any IPA I might get after going to court for BR.

The other worry is that the organisation is restructuring internally. There is no danger of me being made redundant (so they have informed us but with our managers, you never know!) the new roles they have come up with to “improve service delivery”, are based on being specialists and it would strip away the job I have into different teams. The problem with this is that the 30 of us all love the jobs we do and it will mean that our customers, instead of speaking to one person, will have to speak to about 5 different people instead! It really is madness but it’s the way Senior Managers want to go. I personally think that our customers will lose out on a quality service, but I am just one small cog in a massive machine.

I know that this blog is not about debt but just wanted to let you know a bit more about me!

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a little bit of history..

This is my story so far: (it’s a bit long winded sorry- wouldn’t blame you if you switched off………..)

Hi – I am in debt, I admit it!

It took me a while to realise I couldn’t keep going any more. I was living with my partner at the time and I kept going home at lunchtime to get to the post first so I would hide any letters. My problem was that she worked shifts so I had to plan it very carefully. I knew what date some letters would arrive but others I could do nothing about. One day she confronted me with a large amount of mail and demanded to know what was going on? I basically broke down and told her everything. At first she was very angry, which was understandable and then after about a week calm had set in. I explained when the debt had started (I will come back to that) I did a search on the web and found a company that I entered into a DMP with.
This lasted about 12 months when I discovered this forum. I immediately went back to my debt company and asked about an IVA, they said that would be ok, so I completed all the paperwork and it was accepted. I was elated, just like we all are at being accepted!

That was 3 years ago. 12 months into the IVA, we started having problems and we ended up splitting up and I moved out into rented accommodation, my name was still on the joint mortgage so I spoke to my IP who insisted on a valuation of the property. Luckily for me it was in negative equity and my name was removed with the permission of the IP and £250 cost to a solicitor for the privilege. I now am single and to be honest I am very happy! Now I am not having a go at people in relationships, it’s just not for me!

I am now 2 ½ years into the IVA and have had to have a couple of payment breaks for vehicle repairs and then a 3 month break for the purchase of a replacement vehicle after it blew up! All is not well on the IVA front, so I have decided to apply for bankruptcy. I am just awaiting my certificate of failure. I have gone down this route because. I cannot maintain the level of payments for the remainder of the term. I have worked out (never mind the I+E sheet) that once all my direct debits had gone out of the bank, including the IVA payment, it left me with £235.00 a month to live on and that includes, food, fuel, clothing, car tax, prescriptions etc. so I firmly believe I am doing the right thing. I am not trying to shy away from my responsibilities; I am just trying to sort my life out the best way possible!
I will keep posting on how it is all going…………………………

Anyway, if you aren’t all asleep now, I will get back to how I got into debt in the first place…….

It started about 15 years ago when I moved in with another ex (who incidentally I am very good friends with now, despite splitting up with her about 10 years ago! – we have the occasional meal together and have a laugh, it purely plutonic and we enjoy each others company) she had a well paid job and was very sensible with money. I started to try and keep up with the spending and trying to match what was being spent, if that makes any sense? I was taking out credit cards and was living off my overdraft, which the bank increased every time I asked them too. She knew nothing of my debt at this point and other things were going wrong so we spit up and I moved in with a mate for 3 months. At the time house prices were very low so I bought my own house for £26k – I even got a mortgage!
I enjoyed living on my own but was still in debt so I re-mortgaged to try and clear some of the debt, which I did but it didn’t last that long because I then met my most recent ex and I sold my house and we bought one together. Problem with that was I had got myself into the same situation as before, well paid job, sensible with money etc – can you see a picture forming here? I got found out and the rest as they say is at the beginning of this blog…………………

I only blame my situation on three things:

1. I should have had the nuts to say “no, I am sorry I can’t afford that”
2. I should have realised that you can’t live on credit
3. Love really is blind!

Anyway, that’s me done for now. I hope you haven’t been bored rigid and for those that have, I apologise and promise that future blogs will be a lot shorter.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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